Professional Painting Contractor Servicing the East Coast

Since 1978 John Byrne Painting has been satisfying thousands of clients in all aspects of Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Residential Painting. We surpass expectations, by delivering exactly what you expect in a full service painting contractor. At John Byrne Painting, we combine old world craftsmanship with the latest advancements in technology, surface preparation and coatings. SEE THE DIFFERENCE let the seasoned experts at John Byrne Painting make your next painting project a success.

Commercial & Industrial Painting Solutions

Cost effective solutions: JBP employs the most appropriate techniques for each individual project, our methods are achieved by know-how not by chance, our efficient process reduces cost.

Scheduling: JBP will work around your scheduled downtime, performing night or evening work to ensure minimum disruption to your operation. For mobile equipment, we can perform the work off site. Our dependable job plans ensure your projects will be delivered on time.

Methods and materials: Helping you decide the best methods and materials is only part of our personalized service. The experts at JBP work closely with our clients from the planning phase through completion; recommending the latest technology advances in surface preparation, specialized coatings, high pressure water or sand blasting. We provide solutions to your specific requirements, guaranteeing your protective finish will last for years.

How to Select A Painting Contractor

Getting ready to undertake a painting project can be a daunting task. Finding the right painting contractor to complete the project is just as difficult. However, here are some key points to remember when selecting a painting contractor for your job.

Selecting the Right Contractor For the Job:

When selecting a painting contractor ensure you have the right contractor for your project. For example, a residential painting contractor is not the proper choice for a high-rise project. How can you make that determination? A good first step is to check the contractor’s reference list. Most quality contractors will have their reference list available as part of their marketing plan. Click here to read more


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